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2021-2022 Travel Program & Registration Fees

Detailed information about our approach to the Travel Program by age group and developmental stage is provided here. Also included is information about registration fees.

Program Details

DC Soccer Club is committed to providing the highest standard soccer experience for players in the Washington, DC area.
The club's philosophy is based on a complete player-development model. This model heavily emphasizes individual development, as well as increasing their understanding of how to perform in group and team contexts. Each person must be fully developed to prepare for the demands to play at the level they aspire to. The training environments are well-planned and executed, then reinforced in the games in each upcoming weekend.
Our players participate in the Club Champions League (CCL), EDP, and National Capital Soccer League (NCSL), which are the top leagues in the area. Additionally, teams have access to competing in the most competitive tournaments and college showcases throughout the calendar year. 
Players are placed where they have an optimal balance between success and challenge. Coaches focus on producing strong student-athletes that can compete successfully. Our current training methodologies and best practices are designed to enhance each player's technical and tactical abilities, and to ensure their long-term athletic development. 
DC Soccer Club's coaching staff is nationally licensed and continually attending professional development seminars. They are also highly professional, supportive of each child, knowledgeable in player development methodologies, and are hired for their approach, mindset, and their experience. Many of our coaches have extensive playing experience, some playing at National Team levels. 

Supplemental Travel Tryouts Schedule:

To schedule a time to tryout for one of our Travel Teams, please email Technical Director Khaled Hamami.