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Risk management consists of the actions taken by DC Soccer Club to minimize risk associated with the playing and administration of the game of soccer. The Board of Directors of DC Soccer Club studies the areas where risk may exist and proposes policy and education to mitigate risk. 

Our risk management policies address a number of issues which include, but are not limited to, background checks for those involved with youth players, field and game safety, and the protection of young athletes from long-term health injuries.


As an affiliate of the United States Youth Soccer Association, DC Soccer Club follows a "KIDSAFE Program" to identify any adult (18 years or older) who, because of his/her conduct, should not be allowed to participate in the soccer program and have contact with children. 

Under the KIDSAFE program, persons who hold a formal position, paid or volunteer, in DC Soccer Club such as coach, assistant coach, team manager, referee, board member, are required to respond to a questionnaire that asks whether he/she has ever been arrested or convicted of sexual abuse, physical abuse, exploitation of a minor, currently uses illegal drugs, is subject to a restraining order or civil action relating to child, or domestic abuse or violence. 

Any person whose response indicates that he/she has been convicted of abuse or exploitation of a minor will automatically be barred from  participating in the soccer program. DC Soccer Club will make a case-by-case determination whether to prohibit a person who answers any other part of the questionnaire affirmatively from participating in the soccer program. It is important for parents to understand the limitations of the KIDSAFE program. 

DC Soccer Club relies exclusively on the responses to the questionnaires and background checks provided through an independent national background check company on any adult participant in the soccer program. DC Soccer Club's actions are limited to collection of completed questionnaires, processing the background checks, and in the event of an affirmative response, deciding what, if any, action is warranted. Other than as set forth above, an affirmative response is not an automatic bar to participation in DC Soccer Club.