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DC Soccer Club values the importance of having top coaches! Great coaches care about their players and want:

...their players to learn the game, develop as people, and have fun, and help their players achieve their soccer-related goals while having fun and connecting with the players as only coaches do.

Successful coaches care about their players and want to create a positive environment that fosters personal growth. For some this comes naturally, while others may need a bit of help. DC Soccer Club provides free and flexible Coaching Education Opportunities:

1. Onsite help available at your practice sessions

2. In-Person coach education courses

3. Online courses

Curriculum and Links


USYS Lesson Plans by age group

DC Soccer Club Rec Soccer Curriculum (Lesson Plans)

        Pre-K / Kindergarten set 1 --- Pre-K / Kindergarten set 2
        1st Grade set 1 -- 1st Grade set 2
        2nd Grade set 1 -- 2nd grade set 2
        3rd / 4th Grade set 1 -- 3rd  / 4th Grade set 2
        5th - 8th Grade set 1 -- 5th - 8th Grade set 2
        High School set 1 -- High School set 2

DC Soccer Club Coaching Best Practices: Use this simple list of best practices to optimize your impact at every training session for your team.

Do *you* have a go-to best practice, a tool, or trick of the trade that work for you when coaching kids? Let us know! We'd love to learn from you, too.