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Walt Anderson, Director of Referees and Long-time Referee for DC Soccer Club Retires

By DC Soccer Club Staff, 09/13/23, 10:45AM EDT


Walt Anderson has retired as Director of Referees with DC Soccer Club.

WASHINGTON- Walt Anderson has served DC Soccer Club in many different capacities over the years. His service with the club started in 2002 as a coach and referee. In the spring of 2007, Anderson became the club’s Director of Referees. He is retiring from his role as the Director of Referees after 21 years of service. Anderson will still be on the field refereeing games despite his retirement from his Director role. 

Anderson said, “After many years directing the referees - several junior refs from my first training class have their own children playing now - I have decided to retire from DC Soccer Club. It has been a great run, and I would like to thank all the referees, players, coaches, parents, and fans for their help, and friendship. I especially want to thank and commend my dedicated colleagues with DC Soccer Club for their support. They enlivened the good times and guided me through the rough moments. This is not a farewell though, as I hope to continue to referee games. If you see me at a field, please stop by and say hello. Best wishes to you all.”

Executive Director of DC Soccer Club, Greg Andrulis, said, “ The DC Soccer will miss Walt Anderson. His contributions to the club and the impact he had on players, coaches, and referees have been significant. Walt found a way to ensure that hundreds of games each weekend were covered by qualified referees. He implemented training programs for youth players and worked closely with the club to ensure the future success of the programs he put in place. Walt is the consummate professional and gentleman. He represented himself, his profession, and the DC Soccer Club at the highest level. We wish Walt and his family the very best in the next steps of his journey, and we are looking forward to seeing him in the center of the field, whistle in hand ready to make the game better.”

Former Executive Director of DC Soccer Club, Jennifer Gootman, said, “Walt has trained hundreds of referees in the DMV over his nearly 16 years working as the Director of Referees for DC Soccer Club (previously DC Stoddert). Walt has been committed to making the recreational soccer experience positive for players, coaches, and families by setting high standards for the referees he has trained and supported. He has modeled fair play, clear rules, a spirit of learning, and respect among players, coaches, and referees.”

Former Director of Recreation for DC Soccer Club, Justin Wilt, said, “Walt has been a pillar in the Club since before I started (in September 2017), and was responsible for the amount of officiating provided within our Rec program as well as the quality of officiating. He helped expand the presence of his youth refs down into 2nd grade, something unthinkable before! From his newest teen refs up through his seasoned veterans, there is a distinct quality of officiating and care demonstrated by the refs that improved season over season. Even in the face of COVID and other obstacles, Walt assigned games, managed ref schedules and any issues, and worked hard to help his crew learn and improve – all so the Club’s Rec players could do the same.  He operated efficiently and quietly, and he provided some great insights each season as well. Most people don’t acknowledge the refs, and certainly, folks don’t think about the Ref Assignor. No worries, Walt excelled in the background, and the Club is the better for it.”