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D.C. United Q&A Session Recap

By DC Stoddert Staff , 07/03/20, 12:45PM EDT


Washington - DC Stoddert partnered with D.C. United on Tuesday, June 23 to hold a Live Chat Q&A session with Felipe Martins about his career as a professional soccer player. This event was held for boys’ travel and boys’ and girls’ All-star players, who were able to speak with Martin and ask him questions about his career and life experiences.

Felipe Martins was born in Brazil, where he grew up playing soccer every day in his neighborhood streets and developed a passion for the game. He started his career playing with smaller clubs in Rio Janeiro and has now played with clubs all over the world, including Switzerland, Italy, Canada and the UK. He played with the New York Red Bulls, with over 100 appearances, and now plays for D.C. United. 

In the Q&A session, the players were able to ask Martins about his career as a professional soccer player. They covered a variety of topics, including his life and practice schedule in quarantine, his favorite players and teams, and how he reached the level where he is at today. Martin answered with stories from his past experiences and with words of encouragement to the players. He expressed how losing a game should motivate players to work harder on what they need to improve on, reminding players to learn from their mistakes.

 Martin also spoke about his experience playing abroad, emphasizing the importance of embracing the culture and adapting to new realities and cultural aspects in specific countries. He highlighted how this will help players on the field as well as in their daily lives and careers. He said he has enjoyed playing for all the teams that he has been on and has taken something from each place. 

One takeaway from this session is the importance of players’ mentality and their will to work every day to improve themselves. Martins said that these qualities are the most important for players to have, which separates élite players from the rest. He spoke of the importance of training hard not only to become a soccer player, but to also maintain playing at such a high-level, inspiring our players to hard-work to achieve their goals.  

If you missed a chance to attend the Live Q&A, this session was recorded and is available at HERE, with the password: 3M@3^Xi6. If you would like to reach out or see what Felipe Martins and his team are up to, you can follow Felip Martins on Instagram at Felipe @f.lipe8 or D.C. United @dcunited.