Learn with other coaches how to improve your coaching skills. 

The following courses are offered at no cost to registered DC Soccer Club coaches! 

Pre season in person coaching education - MacArthur HS August 27th 

4530 MacArthur Blvd NW, Washington, DC 20007

We will hold in person coaching education clinics. The clinic will go over best practices for running games and training sessions. (New coaches should attend these sessions.) 

In person Clinics 

Kinder, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade  -  1pm

3rd - HS - 2pm

(we will have some limited equipment for pick up on this date, but highly encourage coaches to come on Aug 26th)

Coming soon! Coaching Education courses will be hosted by DCSC and run by VYSA:

4v4 Grassroots Course 

The 4v4 In-Person Course is a four-hour course that builds on the principles covered in U.S. Soccer’s Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module. Specifically, coaches will learn more about U.S. Soccer’s Grassroots Coaching Education Philosophy, Play-Practice-Play Methodology, the Six Tasks of a Coach, and the characteristics of players aged 6-8. The course will also ask each coach to reflect on their experiences to develop action steps for personal growth in the Six Tasks (Coaching Games, Coaching Training Sessions, Leading the Team, Leading the Player, Managing the Performance Environment, and Leadership).‚Äč.

9v9 Grassroots Course 

The 9v9 In-Person Course is a four-hour course that builds on the principles covered in U.S. Soccer’s Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module. Specifically, candidates will learn more about U.S. Soccer’s Grassroots Coaching Education Philosophy, Play-Practice-Play Methodology, the Six Tasks of a Coach, and the characteristics of players aged 11-12. The course will also ask each candidate to reflect on their experiences to develop action steps for personal growth.

4v4 Soccer!  Kindergarten / 1st Grade Coaches Course: So you are the coach for a Kindergarten or 1st Grade team, perhaps a completely new group, and you want to know how it all works in DC Soccer Club? This is the place to be!

Age groups: Kindergarten, 1st grade, anyone else new

  • Covers player management, parent management, and gameday activities (practices and games)
  • Special focus will be applied to the Continuous Play model used in 4v4 play
  • Learn how to provide the best environment for kids and parents to enjoy soccer and learn the beautiful game
  • This course is outdoors and will involve some participation in soccer activities, so please come dressed for action.  Also bring something to write on and something to write with!

Coaching Impact Optimization Course: With so little time for practices, can you improve the efficiency and impact of your practice sessions & increase the levels of learning *and* fun in your practices? YES YOU CAN!

Age groups: Coaches from ALL age groups are encouraged to attend

  • Covers player management, practice and gameday operations, and more. Some simple, small adjustments can result in significant impacts
  • Special focus will be applied to the DC Soccer Club Coaching Best Practices techniques
  • Learn how to provide a more complete development environment that yields happier, better players!
  • This is an online meeting, bunny slippers-optional