Q: What is Super Y?

A: Super Y is a nation-wide youth summer league operated by the United Soccer League (USL), which is the largest organization of elite soccer leagues in North America. Affiliated with US Soccer, the Super Y League contains the youth academies of Major League Soccer clubs, USL PRO clubs, Premier Development League and W-League clubs. Divisions within Super Y are organized geographically, and membership in the league is limited to only a few elite programs to ensure strong competition.

Q: Are the coaches professional?

A: Yes, the coaches are part of DC Soccer Club's professional coaching staff.

Q: What age groups is Super Y open to?

A: The program is open to Boys and Girls U13-U15

Q: Is the League open to any playing ability level?

A: Super Y team selections are based on tryouts. All players are welcome to tryout.

Q: When are tryouts held? 


Q: When is the season?

A: The season begins in mid-June and ends in mid-August.

Q: I'll be traveling this summer, can I still participate?

A: Absolutely! We know many players go on vacation, sleep-away camp, etc. over the summer, the Super Y Program rosters are built to deal with players being out of town or away from practices and games.

Q: What is the time commitment?

A: Boys will practice on Monday/Wednesday. Girls will practice Tuesday/Thursday.

Q: Will there be more tryouts in the spring?

A: Spring tryouts will be held on an as needed basis.

Q: How competitive is the League?

A: Competition level will be similar to that of our Travel Program.

Q: Do we travel in this League?

A: Yes, teams travel and compete in the Mid-Atlantic Division for Super Y which will be made up of teams in the DMV area.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Tryouts are free, however players selected to the team will be asked to pay $625. This cost covers fields, insurance, coaching, uniform jerseys, league fees and referee fees, plus other administrative costs to run the program. It does not include travel costs or practice shirt, short, and socks for those players that don't have the current DC Soccer Club Travel practice shirt, shorts, and socks uniform kit.

There will be an additional per player cost for any teams that qualify for the Super Y League North American Finals, which are held in mid-December in Florida. Only U13-U15 teams are eligible for the finals in Florida.

Fee may be paid in full at the time of registration or in two installments. If a player opts to pay in installments, the second payment will automatically be charged to a designated credit card.

Q: What should I bring? 

A: A soccer ball (size 4 for u11/u12, size 5 for u13+), water, and comfortable footwear.

Q: What COVID guidelines will be followed?

A: All sessions will follow DC Soccer Club's Return to Play Guidelines.

Q: Is there a refund policy?

A: DC Soccer Club does not offer refunds after a player accepts a position on a Super Y team.

If a player is injured or leaves the team during the year, the member is still obligated to complete all club and team fee payments for the full season.

Q: Is there financial aid?