The S.T.A.R. (Summer Travel Academy Readiness) Program is designed for players to continue their development throughout the summer in a high-level environment. The format also recognizes that summer is for vacations and regeneration. The program provides that flexibility.

S.T.A.R. is a 6-week program with 2-hour academy-level training sessions run by our technical staff, club, and guest coaches once a week and organized as academy training for travel players to attend as their schedule permits. Each session will be uniquely designed as a stand-alone training session in order to challenge players technically and physically.

U9 - U12 = Boys / Mondays / 6 weeks

U9 - U12 = Girls / Tuesdays / 6 weeks

U13 - U16 Boys / Wednesdays / 6 weeks

U13 - U16 Girls / Thursdays / 6 weeks

The emphasis of each STAR training is to develop players’ physical capacities in speed, agility, reaction, quickness, and their technical capacities in ball mastery and shooting/finishing. 

Focusing on individual development over the summer will help players get ready for team play once the fall season begins!